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Taekwondo School based in Horley, Surrey

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Since our founding, JEM Taekwondo has had the opportunity to help countless students learn a new sport, to be active and acquire self-defence skills.


JEM Taekwondo are members of British Taekwondo and are a school situated in Horley, Surrey. 

Taekwondo has so many benefits, not only physically, but also to the child's learning within school. The most common thread from 'parent & teacher feedback' is the change they have seen in class. They have become so much more disciplined and focussed within their learning environment.

So, why choose Taekwondo for your child?

  • It improves balance, flexibility, stamina, strength and posture.

  • It improves focus and helps to provide confidence and self-control.

  • It certainly improves self-esteem.

  • It improves leadership skills, especially when thinking of transition into different year groups.

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JEM Taekwondo Website Launch!

30 August 2019

NEW JEM Taekwondo
Adult Class

31 July 2019

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